Willie Nylander needs a RinkMaster kit

We've been having some chatter in the shop while we pack and ship rink liners and things all across the continent.  And Willie Nylander is becoming a frequent topic of discussion.

We were pretty intrigued when our own shipper Stokesie, indicated that his "reliable" Leafs insider source promised a signed contract within "the next 48 hours".  That was October 29th.

So here we sit over a week later, and poor Stokesie is getting beaten on by his RinkMaster colleagues.  A couple of times he's wanted to bet on a particular date when the Leafs will sign Willie.  The guys have taken to betting on Stokesie's bet.  There's allegiances and alliances here in the shop, so it's usually seven on his side and seven of us on the other side.  Someone will break the tie one of these days.

And maybe Nylander will put pen to paper and be a Leaf again......or leave town. 

Willie, do you need a backyard rink for now?



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