Autumn and figure skating!

Autumn and figure skating!

It's that beautiful time of year when the weather cools a little  and everyone settles back into school and a regular routine.  It's also an exciting time for all the kids setting upon a new season of hockey, ringette and figure skating! 

Visits to the local arena become frequent.  For some, it's the first days with their 4 & 5 year old hockey and ringette players.  For others, it's the intensity and pressure of a new season of rep hockey and long rides between centres.  And still others begin learning new twists and turns in their new routines - maybe even an axel this year!

You moms and dads are a hearty bunch.  It's a huge commitment, but it sure is fun!  For those of you who make a backyard rink this year, join us on the journey.  For those who wonder how to go about it, have a look around online and check out the resources at and on YouTube.  Rink building is a rewarding experience and brings wonderful family memories for years to come.

This is a fun time of year getting settled into a new season, and enjoying Saturday nights watching your favourite NHL team.  Enjoy!

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