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Skate Mats


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Introducing RinkMaster's rubber matting, the ultimate solution to safeguard your skate blades and floors with ease and efficiency. Provide pathways to your rink across stone patios, concrete areas, or even your precious new cedar deck. The matting can also be used to ensure your indoor floors remain unscathed during skate lacing sessions inside.

Key Features:

  1. Superior Blade Protection: Our 1/8 inch rubber matting acts as a reliable barrier, shielding your skate blades from abrasive stone surfaces, concrete, or any potential damaging elements during outdoor skating excursions.
  2. Preserving Indoor Floors: With RinkMaster's matting, you can lace up your skates indoors without fear of leaving scratches or marks on your precious floors.
  3. Tailored to Your Needs: RinkMaster matting comes in two convenient sizes, catering to various requirements. And with easy-to-use utility knife cutting, customizing the mat to fit your specific area is a breeze.
  4. Embrace Safety and Convenience: Say goodbye to worries about potential damages and focus on enjoying your skating adventures. RinkMaster's rubber matting provides peace of mind while getting ready to enjoy your backyard rink.

Create a safe and secure pathway to your backyard rink and protect your floors with RinkMaster's reliable rubber matting. Take the first step towards preserving your blades and floors - get RinkMaster's rubber matting today!