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Transform your backyard rink into an arena-like masterpiece with RinkMaster's latest addition - the Kickplate, now available in vibrant yellow and classic white!

Key Features:

  1. Versatile Application: The six-inch Kickplate can be utilized in two fantastic ways. Use it as a strip of lower boards for your rink, creating an authentic arena-like appearance. Alternatively, attach it to your lumber or plywood rink frame as a liner protection component, safeguarding your rink from skates and shovel cuts.
  2. Optimal Dimensions: At six inches in height and one eighth of an inch thick, the Kickplate ensures a sturdy and secure installation while maintaining a sleek appearance. It is available in two convenient lengths - 25' and 50' - catering to your specific rink size requirements.

Elevate your backyard rink to new heights of authenticity and performance with RinkMaster's Kickplate. Enjoy the thrill of a genuine arena-like atmosphere and keep the pucks where they belong. Choose from yellow or white and transform your rink into a place where unforgettable memories are made!