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RinkMaster USA

Puck Board and Kickplate


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Create an arena-like feel for your backyard rink with RinkMaster’s new Puck Board and Kickplate!

Each sheet of Puck Board measures 48” x 16” and is one quarter inch thick. It is built to take a beating from pucks, sticks, skates and shovels.  Attach the sheets to your wooden rink frame with typical one inch wood screws for a wonderful backyard rink for the whole family to enjoy all winter long. Puck Board is available in 4, 6 and 8 packs. 

The six inch yellow kick plate can be used as a strip of lower boards for your rink, or a liner protection component. Attach it to your lumber or plywood rink frame to achieve an arena-like surface for keeping pucks in the rink area. At six inches in height and one eighth of an inch thick, it is available in 25’ and 50’ lengths. 

All Puck Board and Kickplate is made in Canada.