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RinkMaster USA

Puck Board Screws


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Complete your rink-building project with the purpose-fit RinkMaster Puck Board screws! These #8 1 1/4" screws come with white Robertson #2 screw heads, perfectly blending in with your Puck Board for a seamless and professional look.

Key Features:

  1. Tailored for Puck Board Installation: The Puck Board screws are precisely engineered to securely fasten your Puck Board around the rink, ensuring a tight and durable fit that stands up to the rigors of play.
  2. Self-Tapping Convenience: With self-tapping capabilities, these screws make installation a breeze. No need for pre-drilling holes, saving you time and effort during the rink-building process.
  3. Superior Fastening: Designed for wood, these screws guarantee optimal fastening performance, keeping your Puck Board securely in place for long-lasting enjoyment.
  4. Ample Quantity: Each box contains 200 screws, providing you with more than enough to complete your rink and ensure a polished and finished look.