General Rink Building Questions

When is the best time to begin setting up a backyard rink?

We always advise people to wait until winter has arrived to stay. There are some drawbacks to setting up too early:

  • Leaves and debris will collect in the liner
  • Animals can run through the rink area and damage the liner
  • Unfrozen ground becomes insulated by the layer of water for the rink, causing a delay in the freezing of the rink.

It is best to set up the liner on the day you intend to begin filling with water, reducing the time the liner is exposed to wind, debris and animals. If you set up a wooden frame, then that can be done at any time during the autumn, reducing the work to be done in the cold weather.

Some tips:

  • Don’t set up your liner on a windy day. The liner will blow around and make it difficult to put in place.
  • Have a few friends or family members help with laying out the liner so it won’t be dragged across the frame. Liners are durable, but they can sustain damage if dragged across the corners of lumber or other objects.
  • Begin filling immediately after setup. We recommend adding an initial layer of water and letting it freeze, and then repeating the process daily.
  • If setting up with a wood frame, settle the rink liner into your frame, ensuring to tuck the liner down into the edges where the boards meet the ground. This will ensure that the boards are supporting the weight of the water, not the liner.

Will my grass be damaged by the rink?

No, your grass will not be damaged by the rink. This is a very common question, and the fact is that the rink will have no impact on your grass if you are sure to remove the rink liner in the spring when the snow has melted.

How frequently do I need to flood my rink?

The more your rink is used, the more you will need to flood it. After a Saturday with a group of kids on the ice for a few hours, you will need to flood to repair and rebuild the surface. A well used rink will need to be flooded a couple of times per week. Consider purchasing our FloodMaster to help you maintain a good ice surface all winter.

Can I put my rink on a tennis court?

We have had many customers install a rink on their tennis court. However, we advise you to check with your tennis court building professional if your tennis court is new or has a newly installed or special surface.

The RinkMaster Skating Rink Kit

When should I order my RinkMaster Rink Kit?

To ensure adequate shipping and handling time, order your rink at least two weeks prior to your intended setup date. For Christmas delivery be sure to order by December 12, as all Rink Kits are shipped via Fedex and UPS Ground service.

Is everything included in the kit? Do I need to buy wood?

Everything you need is in the box! The RinkMaster Kit does not require any plywood or 2x4 lumber. The only thing you will need is snow, or other objects, to level the RinkMaster frame if your yard is not level.

How long does it take to set up?

A smaller RinkMaster Kit will typically take about an hour for two adults. Larger sized kits such as 37' x 63' will take up to two hours for two adults.

An adult and child can set up a 25’ x 50’ in less than 90 minutes. It is a very quick and easy way to make a rink in your backyard. Be sure to visit our web page for leveling the frame in sloped yards. https://www.rinkmaster.com/pages/rinkmaster-setup-help

What is the life span of the RinkMaster Kit?

With good care, the RinkMaster will provide many years of service. The RinkMaster Rink Liner will last only as long as it is well cared for. Once it has sustained multiple tears or puncture holes, it is usually time to replace it, as it will not hold water well and make rink making difficult. Small holes can be repaired with light coloured adhesive tape found at any building supply store.

The most common cause of tears in the Rink Liner are skate cuts that usually happen in the spring when the ice begins to thaw. To extend the life of your Liner, do not use the rink once the days become warm and the ice surface begins to deteriorate.

How should I store my Rink Kit in the off-season?

The RinkMaster can be stored in the box it shipped in. The Liner is much bulkier when folded after a season of use, so it should be carefully stored in an area where it is not likely to get torn by garden implements or other tools.

Can I upgrade to a bigger size in the future?

Yes, no problem! If you want to upgrade to a bigger size we can work with you to supply extra parts.

Does my back yard need to be perfectly level?

No, your backyard does not need to be perfectly level. The RinkMaster frame height can be adjusted with styrofoam. See the three pictures below.

Can I install hockey lines or a logo?

Hockey lines and logos are fun to install, but be aware that they will attract sunlight and can rapidly melt a deep hole in your ice surface, as any colour other than white will absorb light, even in the coldest of days. We have seen even the lightest and smallest lines and logos deteriorate the ice surface on sunny days, even when it is very cold.

Where can I get a replacement liner?

RinkMaster offers replacement Rink Liners in many sizes.