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Introducing our purpose-fit outdoor, waterproof gloves, designed specifically for making and flooding your rink without compromising the quality of your favorite gloves! These gloves offer unparalleled protection and comfort with our innovative features:

  1. Enhanced Grip and Flexibility: Crafted with a PVC coating, our gloves offer a superior grip and exceptional flexibility even in the coldest temperatures. Say goodbye to slipping and fumbling while handling equipment on your rink.
  2. Ultimate Waterproof Protection: Don't let chilly water dampen your spirits. Our gloves boast a cutting-edge waterproof coating that ensures your hands remain warm and dry, enabling you to focus on creating the perfect ice surface.
  3. Unmatched Comfort and Insulation: We understand the importance of staying comfortable during those long hours of rink maintenance. Our gloves come equipped with a soft and insulative acrylic liner, providing a cozy and warm experience, keeping you going in any weather.*
  4. An Economical Solution: Building a backyard rink shouldn't break the bank. These gloves offer a cost-effective solution for all backyard rink builders, so you can pursue your passion without worrying about excessive expenses.

Invest in these outdoor gloves today, and discover the joy of creating and maintaining your dream rink without compromising on comfort or performance. Embrace the season with confidence, knowing you have the best tools for the job. Say goodbye to regular gloves and welcome a new era of protection, flexibility, and durability on your winter adventures!